Why was my account deleted?

We want everybody to have the best chance possible of meeting somebody at UltraCupid and to do this we have established some terms of service. We remove people who violate the site terms of service and that display dishonest or inaccurate details on their profile. We also remove people who are abusive to other members. … Continue reading Why was my account deleted?

Why is my photo being rejected?

If your photo has been declined it will be because it violates our terms and conditions.  Common Photo Decline Reasons These are common reasons why photos are declined: Photo contained nudity, violence or other obscenity Photo contained contact number, address, social media details It is difficult to see you in the photo Photo contained too … Continue reading Why is my photo being rejected?

Can UltraCupid be Used as A Local Dating Site?

UltraCupid is a dating site offering singles from around the world an online service to help them meet their match. You can confine your match filter to only search for people near you and use it as a local dating site.