Top Affiliate Program Tips for Our Affiliates

We want our affiliate to do as well as possible so we have composed this article to give you some tips that will help you get the most out of the UltraCupid dating site affiliate program.

User The Provided Affiliate Banners

The banners we provide in your affiliate program have been designed to match the theme of our dating site and encourage people to click on them and join. We want to encourage you to use them on every page of your website where our affiliate program is relevant to your site visitors.

Create a Niche Landing Page for UltraCupid

Make a page dedicated to sending affiliate traffic to UltraCupid. This can be a page on your site dedicated to a niche like dating in your country or a general dating niche. This page can be submitted to search engines and included in your site map to get a greater chance of being discovered in search engines and generating your affiliate revenue.

Stay Informed by Reading Our Affiliate News Letter

We send our affiliates a regular newsletter keeping you up to date of changes and tips that can help you grow your affiliate earnings. We encourage you to continue to remain a subscriber of our news list even when sometimes you may not be interested in something that is sent because the next newsletter may have something you really wanted to know for a long time.

You Have to Be In It

If you are not already a member of the affiliate program at UltraCupid we recommend you join now. All you need is a website or blog or a social media account that you control the content.

To join the affiliate program click here and follow the simple registration process. We will assess your application and keep you up to date of your application status within 24 hours. Don’t worry, as long as you have your own website and the content of your site meets our affiliate terms you will be ready to get started very soon.

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